Carmen (MSc) is a style anthropologist, writer, creative producer and part-time deejay. She sees style as a visual expression of identity, a means by which we indicate not only who we are but also who we identify with. Much of her work rests on a foundation of research into fashion and popular culture in urban Africa, for which she spends the greater part of the year in Accra (GH) and Lagos (NIG). Her focus for the past three years has been on (young) contemporary wear and streetwear. In all of her work, she celebrates brands and individuals that inspire her and brings them to the attention of a broader (international) audience. Her work has been published by i-D, Marie Claire, ModeMuze, OneWorld, Patta and Dazed. She’s also a frequent guest lecturer and panel discussion participant. Her most recent venture is realfakeshoes, a creative agency she launched this year with a group of like-minded professionals from Amsterdam, Lagos and Accra. Their aim is to conceptualize and produce original, real fake and relevant content that dissolves the boundaries between music, fashion, youth subcultures and commerce. Carmen is based in Amsterdam but local in Accra, Lagos and London. 

Clients: Cablai, CBRE, Mode Muze, Protestantse Diaconie van Amsterdam, Marie Claire, Centraal Museum Utrecht, This Memento, AMFI, AUC, UVA, Nationale musea van Wereldculturen, Vice, i-d,  Gemeente Amsterdam Zuidoost, The Face Magazine, ObA.