Style, to me, is a way of speaking without having to use words, a visual expression of our identity, and a means of relating to one another. I also believe that style can be a powerful tool for dismantling bias and a vehicle for social change.

Style allows people to tell us their stories, and these stories are windows through which we begin to see others as individuals, rather than as representatives of homogeneous groups. In the process, stereotypes ā€” based on skin colour, hair type and colour, height, etc. ā€” start to lose the validity that they never really held. And thus perspectives begin to shift.  


As might be expected of any true anthropologist, I love being out in the field, observing and conducting research (all day, every day). But Iā€™m also very production-driven, and as a result my practice is geared towards translating my observations and findings into something concrete: words, film, images, events, keynotes and workshops. 


Most of the work you find here is related to me being a style anthropologist. I'm also a parttime DJ and I work for clients who hire me as a researcher, creative producer, content creator and copywriter. 

Clients: Cablai, CBRE, Mode Muze, Protestantse Diaconie van Amsterdam, Marie Claire, Centraal Museum Utrecht, This Memento, AMFI, AUC, UVA, Nationale musea van Wereldculturen, Vice, i-d,  Gemeente Amsterdam Zuidoost, The Face Magazine, ObA.