- Sept. AMFI in Amsterdam on Style and identity
- Sept.Amsterdam University College on Clothing consumption and donation.
- Feb. Universiteit van Amsterdam on fashion and locally produced materials in Urban Africa
- Oct. JSP West on style and presentation when for young aspiring entrepreneurs. 
- Oct. ROC van Amsterdam on work you can also do in/around fashion; my work. 
- Sept. Lyceum Sancta Maria in Haarlem on "Consumerism, style and identity'
- Sept. Amsterdam University College in Amsterdam on "Consumerism, style and identity"
- Sept. Amsterdam Fashion Institute (HvA) in Amsterdam on "Fashion and Anthropology"
- Sept. Africa Fashion Conference in London on: "Trends in Fashion" & "Cultural Appropriation" 
- June. Amsterdam University College in Amsterdam on: "An urban anthropology field trip through Amsterdam Southeast".
- June. We Make M-ODE at We Make the City Festival in Amsterdam on:" The social impact on the local fashion industry"
- June. Civic Amsterdam in Amsterdam on: A workshop "Style is the visual expressio of you identity".
- May. ROC van Amsterdam in Amsterdam on: "Research on style in urban Africa. How, why and what do I?"
- Nov. Elle Lock in Accra on sneaker culture: "Africa, the next retail and design frontier?"
- Sept. Amsterdam University College in Amsterdam on "The social impact of our clothing donations"
- June. Mode Muze x OBA in Amsterdam on: "What happens to your donated clothing after donation?"
- May. The Studio Accra in Accra on: "Accra’s sneaker collectors and culture".
- May. Africa Now Festival for the Africa Museum in Berg & Dal: "Fashion in urban Africa"
- Febr. OSCAM in Amsterdam on "ISSA LIFESTYLE- on girls, sneakers and entrepreneurship"
- Jan. Tailored Tour at the Tropenmuseum for the exhibition "Fashion Cities Africa"
- Jan. Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam on "Lagos' style is more than just glamour"
- Oct. Schouwburg Utrecht for Afrovibes on: "Roundtable conversation on How African is African?"
- Sept. Centraal Museum in Utrecht on: "Wearers of fashion"
- Sept. Afrovibes Festival in Amsterdam on popular West African music
- Sept. Tailored Tour at the Tropenmuseum for the exhibition "Fashion Cities Africa"
- Aug. Lowlands for Centraal Museum "Searching for the best festival outfit at Lowlands"
- May . Fashion Guide Africa in London on "Trends and style in Accra, Ghana"
- April. the ObA in Amsterdam for Mode Muze on "The head wrap, a style item with a rich history"