"I create, research, plan and execute concepts for brands that require deeper roots in style (sub)cultures."

Connect | Looking for the up- and coming? Want to produce locally? Are you in need of  a creative, artist or fixer in Accra, Amsterdam, Lagos or London? Let me know- I'll link you to those who make your life more inspiring and/or easy.


Research | I observe, participate, ask question and analyse. In the field I mingle and talk to people, to understand their wants and needs: I research consumer behaviour in style/fashion and lifestyle and I focus on identity, belonging and (sub)culture. 


Create | Are you in need of creative input and a catchy output? Let me help you. People appreciate the combination of my creative input and hands on output; I get things done. I produce events, (marketing) campaigns, exhibitions, visuals or documentaries. Most of my productions focus on (life)style and (sub)culture. ​

Picture by @jheytoocool

Model is @_brimah

Styling & creative direction me