Get to know Big Dragon, a hot and sexy babe from Accra that’s doing things her way

In 2012 I fell in love with Efya's music. Get Away was the one tune that got me addicted to her beautiful voice and I loved the sweet and mellow vibe. I could resonate to the lyrics: “So Accra living no be easy, time of weekend f*cked up busy, tryna make that money, tryna make that honey, that’s all we do, Charle no be easy. Sometimes you gotta go, somewhere to cool your head...” Efya is a Ghanaian superstar who launched hit after hit and is featured on many. Her latest release is a soulful collaboration with Akan; Mensei Da. This woman knows how to stay relevant year after year.

Sweet spirit with the best attitude

Sweet, pretty, glamourish, balanced and always smiling - that’s how most of us know Efya. She’s always well dressed, wears the sexiest outfits, has perfect hair do’s and beautiful make up that emphasises the pretty, sexy babe she is. And she’s not just a good looking artist with an amazing voice; she has the best spirit too. When you bump into her in public, she’ll send someone your way to make sure she’ll greet you. Efya is kind, well-mannered and one of Ghana’s most famous female musicians - not for no reason. Those following this babe might have seen a new kind of presentation; one involving dragons. One that doesn't direct matches the image we have of Efya.

Efya versus Big Dragon

Efya lets us meet Big Dragon, the artist that's been hiding inside her. After being in the industry for so long Efya felt it was time to show another side of her “I want to make different styles of music. RnB... baby making music… Different sounds to see how my voice fits in the music. I have been restricting myself”. As a singer she’s been told to not sing as much, so stick to a certain sound because it sells better “I paved a way, and now I want to break away from it at times. The concern is not on being accepted, but on the music. I want to show my fans and new fans what else I have to offer”. Big Dragon gave her the answer to his desire.

We know Efya for her singing

In the past ten years she’s been working with almost all Ghanaian artists you can think of. “Because I am an African everybody expects me to do African music all the time, but I really love to do some Spanish music, I listen to Bossa nova… Why can't we do all we want to do? I’ve always known I’m different, that there is more to me than just the Efya that I have shown until now”.

Big Dragon is Efya

The new things she has to offer come from her alter ego; Big Dragon. “Big dragon is my alter ego, but it’s just me doing something else” she says. Big Dragon helps Efya to show others that you should not shy away from what you want to do. “We as artists should do the music the way we want to do it, because we don’t want another Burna Boy, we already have that. We are pushing down amazing talent, not because we don’t understand them but because there is a fear of consuming talent. But let it live, so that it can be as great as it can be. Let it go…” Big Dragon is not a real person, it’s an alter ego that is hidden inside Efya. She only brings out new sounds but isn’t visible to us. “With the music of Big Dragon I would like to tap into a new crowd too, people whose ears are interested in unusual, unexpected sounds”. 

Big Dragon is the introvert

Big Dragon may be new to us as an audience, but for Efya her alter ego has always lived inside of her, “Big Dragon is the introvert. She doesn’t want to be seen, for Big Dragon it’s about the music, she wants to please your ear”. Efya on the other hand, loves to sing and perform, but also loves to dress up “Efya is a queen”. Letting Big Dragon come out feels like freedom to Efya “I’ve always known I was different, telling and showing people now. Everytime you put out music you show a part of you”. With Big Dragon being there Efya can bring out the different parts of her, release more [what she refers to as] hard drive music  “We artists have so much music we don’t put out. It’s therapeutic to just let the music go, put it somewhere where people will listen to it”. The scary bit of doing that is the response - whether the people are ready for the artists’ new sound. “You hope they are, but you don't know. That’s pressure. I don't know if people know’”. 

You can listen to Efya’s and Big Dragon’s music on Apple Music, Spotify and see Efya’s videos on Youtube